Do not love me so much

Do not love me so much
I do not intend to stay
I am a fierce storm
That will soon pass away.

I m the splashing of the rains
In rooftops
I am the incessant beating of rain
That won’t stop for a moment.

But I will be over sometime soon
And where I was
Would be a weeping earth
Gaping for more.

I sound nice i know
Smells of mud and snow
But soon all that will be left is
Void and silence all over.

So do not love me so much
I do not intend to stay.
I am a fierce storm
That will soon pass away.


My escape

You are a place
That i keep visiting when i am lonely
Not that you are here any longer
But here’s a part of me- truer than everything else

I swear i tried
Gave it every shot i could
Mustered all my strength
And promised never to come back here again.

But time and again life has failed me
Pushed me into this barren space
You are not here…never were
Still i am here wailing.

Its been a long time i know
I should not be coming here anymore
I belong somewhere else now
Its illegitimate still…

Oh i wish, so wish
I could fit in my life
My life does havocs to me
So here i come to my refuge, alone.

A firefly

Once upon a time long back indeed,
When the whole world was fast asleep,
As the somber night had covered all in coldness,
Cried a lone girl in her helplessness.

She cried and cried and sobbed some more,
When a glint of light fluttered at her door.
It looked brilliant in its radiance,
As a twinkle of hope in darkness.

It flew here and there and here again,
Enthralled, the girl saw it even in her pain.
Captivated was the girl deep,
A firefly lulled her to sleep.

Darker side of midnight

There is a darker side of midnight
When the moon shines dim
People are lost in their dreams
And not a single soul is to be seen

That is the time when the graves are flung open
The hell of the earth breaks loose
Dead walk past the alive
All evil forces come to life

If you ever dare to stay up all night
Follow my little advice
Never go looking for troubles
Lest you will find yourself in one.

I rise

I rise
Like the smoke from the fire I rise
From the dirt of the trampled earth I rise
Like a lotus from the mud I rise
From the ignorance of the blindfolded world I rise

I am
The fire you cannot quench
The air you cannot clutch
The water that will slip away
The storm that has to go a long way

Burn me I will be neat as a gold
Press me I will be diamond from coal
Cut me I will glisten as silver
Crush me I will be scented as a flower

A silent shout

A silent shout
I hear a far cry
Something shatters every minute passed by
A pang of pain I feel familiar
Yet so distant feels another millennia
Flashes so dull yet so clear
Makes my life hazy and unclear
A piece of time, i cannot claim
Yet it has an unfair share over my name
Every minute ticks my life away
Makes me restless and my face grey
Upon a deserted road i have to stride
Not even a false hope to abide.


My heart is tired
It aches and aches
And beats no more
I guess it needs some rest,

The shadows of my past haunt me
The uncertainities of future mock at me
The ground ‘m standing seems to be shaky
And everything else goes blurry,

Exhausted of the trials
Wary of my own thoughts
I am at the midst of a never ending ocean
And nobody to hear my shouts of agony,

They say love heals everything
What if the very thing conspires to be evil
It wears a hidden veil
Only to few, its grey face does it reveal.